may 19 2017...why the hell did i leave this beautiful place to end up in this grey dull country of finland?

Bundala gard

veiw from my kitchen window

views from bundala gard

Knee High to a Grasshopper

I've been called"knee high to a grasshopper" by Jim the policeman in Tasmania when we were walking over my 52 hectare property looking for a planted field of marijuana that someone had planted high on the hills in the back lots.We were walking through the lower valley where the huge man ferns were growing and I had to jump over a small river flow and a hedge to get over to the other side to start the climb, well I made it over but the high grass on the other side was so tall I was hidden, so the nick name. I'm not short in my mind, I'm 5'2 or 160cm but the police had a good laugh. I took along my pet sheep Beauty and my dog, Tummeli and it was hard going, especially when you had tiger snakes in the wild bush. Oh we did find the patch and a tall one at that, but in Tasmania everything grows big, Texas have a good cry.The police found that people had crossed over from Lake Barrington and planted it, there was no way I could tend it, it took 4 hours to hike to it, those hills were fierce and wild, and had not been forested due to there steepness. I don't know what happened to it, and I asked how they found it, and they said they have planes taking pictures, well that leads me to another story.

Same phot as above but with a screen filter

Naked and a Point 22 Magnum rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun.

I use to love being naked on the pummel of the mountain, I would walk about, do my chores or just lay around. I could see down into the valley and I overlooked JR's property and his small airstrip for his light weight plane. JR and I didn't get along, he wanted my property so his cattle could graze it to bare earth. He didn't a damn about nature, just money and being powerful. He liked his woman,and his horses, he did have fine horses and great cattle too, but I didn't want his cattle eating the lush grass on the hills and shitting into the streams. One day when I was away, his crew came up and started cutting through the barb wire fences, Robin and Heidi saw it and ran fro there guns and held them back, Some of the cattle got through, can't remember if we ever found them but our freezer was full and we had great steaks for a while, but now JR was mad,two young kids, ages14 and 16 running them off.  Anyway, one day JR though he would frighten me by flying low over the land with his newly acquired  toy, a super light airplane while I was running about naked, first and foremost I was mad, he scared my horses, dogs and pet sheep and goat as well as being unsafe. I ran into the stable, grabbed my rifle and shot up at him, of course I didn't mean to hit the plane, just make him mighty scared. I'm a good shot, and by George, he never tried that again.

Where I ran naked