This is rather long, I'm sorry, but I'm trying to get the message across.

Some things have changed the name of the company in now, "Simple Solutions) but in Finnish....Simppeli Ratkaisu. So when you see Organic Maeketing, think of Simple Solutions.

    Our company name is Organic Marketing. The first word "Organic" is to show people that business must be environment-friendly, we use only natural materials and technologies in our work, and we are ready to teach people how to make business in harmony with nature.  The second word "Marketing" shows our mission of image-making and promotion we offer to Finnish companies in international markets.

    Our main projects name is 4rest.
    At the moment we can see 2 main problems in Finland - how to protect small local companies in the time of economical crisis and how to protect the amazing Finnish nature in the time of moneymaking.

    The idea of 4rest-project is to solve both of them, it's our "know how" because nobody did it  before. There are a lot of great business projects in Finland, and of course a lot of environmental measures, but nothing works in both directions.

    We'd like to establish the company to solve all the problems. The company could be characterized  as an "environmental-marketing web-project" (EMWP).

    So, our project has 3 main missions:
    1) social  - the project will help small local Finnish  companies and involve private entrepreneurs in the business-process
    2) conservancy - every participant of the 4rest-project (owners, entrepreneurs, tourists) will take part in scheduled  environmental measures and learn to have a rest in harmony with nature and to save the nature.
    3) business - the project will be profitable both for owners and for clients
    Lets call everybody who takes part in the project a "Forester". Forester in this case is not a forest guard or a backwoodsman, but a person who cares about nature and really does something, but not only only by word of mouth. So, Forester is an honorary title and taking a part in the project is the point of honour.
    Everybody can become a Forester, if he or she is really ready to change his life and his mind, and think not only about profit, but about a clear future for  his motherland and the Earth.
    Foresters are different. There are several kinds of them - Host Foresters (cottage owners), Business Foresters (local private entrepreneurs), Guest Foresters (tourists) and Head Foresters ( 4rest owners), and everyone has own part of every mission.

    At  first sight 4rest looks like an Internet-portal for travellers who'd like to rent a cottage in Finland for rest. Now you can understand why we took this name, it's a pun between "forest" and "for rest", the name completely reflect our missions. We'll help entrepreneurs to find clients, and at the same time we are always thinking about saving the clean Finnish nature for years and centuries.
    But there already are many popular and famous reservation systems in Finland, like,,, etc. The problem is that all the project work only on its owners and on those cottage owners who placed their cottages in the database. Local entrepreneurs are not involved to the business process and the projects don't help them to survive in the time of strong crisis and growing unemployment. And of course there is nothing about conservancy.

    We'd like to change the situation by creating  the most modern reservation system with good usability. Cottage-renting is very popular, and the market is growing. So, we'll attract more and more people and involve all of them to the conservancy. All together we can save the environment.

    What will we sell? At the first step we'll sell placing in our catalog and reservation system to cottage owners for a small monthly fee, to give them a possibility to have clients all over the world and especially from Russia, because it's the main market for Finland anyway. Every cottage will have own page with all information about it's location and equipment, pictures, maps, etc.  This is our first mission achievement (business mission), and it concerns Host Foresters.

    The second step is a start of second mission, the social one. It concerns Business Foresters.
    At the second step we'll attract local entrepreneurs who could  provide services (local food, handicrafts, farm-trips, etc) for tourists.  There will be two sided connection in 4rest. At a cottage page will be information about all entrepreneurs in its neighbourhood, and the other way.  The idea is that nowadays only cottage owners and big supermarkets have profit from tourists, but we'd like small companies to be involved to the business process too, so, every client who reserved a cottage will receive detailed information about local services, and will bring money to small companies too. It will work like an effect of multiplication, when money from tourism will support private entrepreneurs from other departments, like farmers, handicraft artist, stable owners etc.
    This is the social mission of 4rest.

    And the main mission, the environment. It concerns, of course, all Foresters. Some actions will be permanent, some others will be unique. For example:
    - one permanent action: Head Foresters write detailed instruction, how to rest in Finland, it's slogan is "Maassa maan tavalla". In the leaflet we'll tell about  saving the environment, how to sort garbage, how to save water (for example, to use glass with water when you're cleaning teeth, instead of running water), how to save electricity (for example, to switch garden light off when you're in the house). We'll write also about norms of behaviour, about private property and about necessity to observe the silence and to respect peace and quiet of other people. And about rules of cottage renting, Guest Foresters should know that smoking is prohibited, and pets sometimes are not allowed, and why they should pay for final cleaning and bed linen, and how to buy fishing licence, and that they shouldn't take more fish than they can eat.  So, the leaflet will be written by Head Foresters for Guest Foresters, and will be distributed by Host Foresters and Business Foresters. The leaflet will learn tourists to respect Finnish nature and take care about it.

    These 2 actions are the indisputable proof of the possibility to save the environment without huge expenditure for pollution abatement.
    So, the third mission will be naturally always in progress.

    This is our business idea in brief.

    Elizabeth is a marketing professional  and the director  of a  a travel company. The travel companies field is outgoing tourism from Russia to Finland, mainly cottage renting and individual trips. Her experience in business is more than 15 years, and she is one of  the leading experts on Russian-Finnish travel market. She knows the market, she's good in sales both B2B and B2C, PR, marketing and accounting.
    So, in Organic Marketing Elizabeth's part is "Marketing".

There you go, sorry it's so long winded.

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(A wise woman wishes to be no one's enemy; a wise woman refuses to be any one's victim. Maya Angelou)