what a wonderful day this has been....all types of "things happened" but one very special event.  The grandson, Teemu, of the woman who lived in this house long ago, came by out of a whim.  She has spread her beautiful branches high and strong and he was a most wonderful young man. He has seen things in his life few of us witness, and it is not for me to say here, but this human is a very kind and giving person. I was so thrilled to met him and to pass on to him the small treasures I have kept for over a decade, waiting for the hand to put them in.

it is so strange to see how when you give out of love you are blessed nine times over.  I witnessed this again today.  will write more when I have time.

oh and now I know who Panu was, the name carved on the rock, it was the family dog, Panu, a mixed breed dog.  how sweet. Teemu's  mummu guessed by the drawing under it, and Teemu called his mom and there was the answer to the question I have been curious about for about 13 years.  Google couldn't answer that one!

Ice form on the pond

A gift from Luba and Igor

early snow fall in September



Our Neighbor Heikki, his lock on his sauna door when he goes away in the Fall

ruby tiger phragmatobia fuliginosa

A neighbor's dog shit in my yard

For you I'll create Artistic works of poo, since You save them in bags WRITTEN BY A DOG