greatgrandfather's shoe on daddy's side

Staff of Life

The other day while I was sitting on the loo a thought came to mind. Our ass holes are the most expensive parts of our body's. Well actually, shit is the most expensive thing. If we don't eat and drink, we die. And all that expensive food and drinks comes out as unwanted parts. Shit and Piss. No other way to say it. It just is so. Those beautifully cooked dinners and delicate drinks of coffee, teas cocktails and wine, no one wants to reuse them. So we flush them down, or cover them with leaves and sawdust if we use an outhouse. The world is covered in shit and nearly all of it comes out our ass holes. A few have pouches and there are some other ways too. Piss runs down our legs if we leak and men fling it about when they pee outside and also enjoy peeing on bathroom walls. Even I have shit on the walls with my disgusting inner's shooting out diariha, oh the unfortunate people who had to clean off the shit on the walls in Melbourne, Australia while waiting to board the ship to Tasmania. I even shit once while having sex, my dearest husband said, honey you feel so gooey. Could anything be more embarrassing?

rose petal jelly

that's all folks!