Sat, 13 Apr, 12:12  Hi mom and dad. We're on our way to work. Rosane just called us as we are driving. Harmonia died during the early morning hours. Apparently she died in her sleep and until the end did not suffer unduly. This woman was a special woman and she loved me like I was related to her. She collected thimbles and loved the little Celtic thimble you sent me once. More as we know it. Anyway. I'm using Selma's phone because it's in my hands. Love you both.



On the evening of the spring equinox, Master Cyber Cinder was surveying his front yard with his customary vigilance.  His territory is his own and intruders are not welcome.  Ever.

But that day a threat materialized.  Another tom cat, in appearance just like Cinder himself, came strutting down the path, heading for the front porch, no doubt to mark it with his loathsome scent.  That, now, would have been too much of a disgrace.  Cyber Cinder sprang into action.




In the house the noises sounded strange--not at all what one was used to hearing from the front porch.  Within seconds, I had the door open and looked out.  Cinder was just disappearing under the porch, looking nervous.  On the path, this side of the shed, the other cat--I recognized him as living within Tempy's daily walking range--was slinking off in the direction of the street.  I called Cinder in the hope of keeping him out of further trouble, but he didn't come out of his hiding place.  I saw nothing out of the ordinary, so I went back inside.

A few minutes later, Mom came in from the office and I told her about the fight.  Cinder figured it was the right time to go inside and came up on the porch.  But Mom saw and smelled that he was literally full of shit.  Like most males are, if Shirley Valentine is to be trusted.

So I picked him up and took him to the bathroom, where Mom washed him off with the hand shower until he no longer smelled.  He was less upset by the water than ever before, and he was soon clean and dried up.  Still, I got a few scratches: he has very little control over his hind claws and even though he takes great care not to scratch me, his hind paws sometimes do.

Then we inspected Mom's boots.  They must be males, too--they were full of it.  So they got washed off, including the cleats she keeps on them.  Later on that evening, we steam cleaned the floors and the hallway carpet, and I've been assured that nothing smells anymore.

Out I went with a flashlight and found the scene of the fight.  In the middle of the ramp leading down from the front yard to the porch there were tufts of yellow fur and little piles of shit.  That was soon cleaned up with hot water and a mop.  The shit must have been Cinder's because a lot of it was on his rear end.  The other cat couldn't have got it in there.

In the morning I found that there was more shit on the ice and snow along the sides of the ramp.  I dug it out with the spade and threw it under a tree.  Interestingly, Tempy, whose foremost delight in this world is cat shit, never paid any attention to those stains before or after they were dug out and disposed of.  Maybe she doesn't consider it edible because it smells of Cinder?  Somebody call the dog psychologists now.

Since this happened, Cinder has been very quiet.  He spends most of the day inside, sleeps a lot, and eats a little less than usual.  It's like he's mellowed.  But he doesn't seem to be hurt: he has no fever and we can't find any wounds on him.  I'm pretty sure he won the fight--the other cat was on the run already before I opened the door--yet Cinder seems a bit shocked.  More so than the previous times he's come home from a fight all scratched up.

Who knows.  Cinder says nothing, not even Meow.

Update on Eduardo. Everything is fine, they managed to get it out and he won't need further treatment. Thank you Mother Mary for answering my prayers.


photo taken march 19 2015

Eduardo to have surgery today.



Two happy parents sending Robin and Heidi on their first school day in America. September1979

Maria Paula started school today. Here she is coming home. Smiling and Happy

Miguel off to school too. He has grown up so fast.

March 11 2019

Maria Paula ready to go off to school today!

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