Travel Hag

A Travel Hag is a wise woman with goddess attributes who travels to find meaning and joy.

Travel for the mind and spirit.

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." -- Lewis Carroll

Not all who wander are lost' J.R.R.Tolkien

Hobo's Walkabout

I look out my door and see the bridge over the molt, the cold snow smothering the ground around it, the water frozen underneath, I have handrails to help me cross so I don't slip and fall, my car only 50 meters away, not ridden for some weeks, covered in snow, but a large broom will sweep off the top and a horse hair brush it's sides.

The engine can be made warm from the house, it is plugged in from the house and a flicker of the wrist and my finger will push the on button.

I need only a small bag to travel, as there are items I need for hygiene if I am to travel alone. There is no reason I can't leave, I have a great safe car, money to tide me over, I'm not afraid of anything, I love being alone, but something,some unknown force is keeping me from putting my foot over the threshold. It's not that I can't leave the house and handle daily matters, or trips to the big city 50 kilometers away, it is something deeper. In a way I know what it is, it's called d.i.s.h and it is causing me some unknown horrors of pain. It also is getting to the point where I am so stiff that I can't dress myself and have to have my husband put my socks and undies on me, and if I want to wear proper winter boots he has to tie the shoestrings. So the truth is out, I am a failing, falling apart woman. They couldn't and can't break my mind, but my body is just a machine with rust in it's joints.

I wonder if I should chance it and go, I know I have the love and support from my husband, if I call he will come. It's wonderful to have such love and to know I am loved.