Dog food and dog food

I just had my dinner and a walk. Before I settle down for the evening, I thought to tell you about my dinner. After all, this is a blog about a dog's life, and food is a necessity for life, if you get my drift.

I had pasta, beans, meat, grated carrots, milk, bran flakes, and a tablespoonful of sunflower oil for my skin and fur. Plus my vitamins and my acidophilus powder. I get home cooked food, you see. I've been eating like this for the past few years, after my mistress figured out that store-bought dog food was no good for me. I'm glad, because I hated the stuff. Not only do they make it from the worst and cheapest ingredients they can find; it tastes awful. I could barely bring myself to eat it--now I beg for my dinner and finish it as soon as I can. I'd eat more if I could, but my folks are concerned about my weight. While I ate the commercial food, I was always overweight. Now I'm rather slim again and that's the way they like me. They say I'll live longer, and that's fine with me.

Most days I get fish instead of meat, and that's delicious, too. They buy the fish frozen in big two-pound bags; every day someone pulls out a fish fillet and boils it in a frying-pan. Often they add rice or mashed potatoes, sometimes pasta or stale bread. The rice is my mistress's doing, as well--she knows that I like it since I'm half Chow-Chow. My ancestors have been eating rice for thousands of years. The carrots taste so good, and together with the bran flakes they keep me regular.

Everybody admires my shiny coat and my playfulness even though I'm 11 years old already. Boy am I glad I don't have to eat those yukky pellets out of the big paper bags anymore! Road kill and abattoir floor scrapings, was it? Used-up deep-frying fat from fast-food restaurants? Not that I care, but my folks say they're saving money, too--whatever that is. I know you can't eat it, so it can't be anything important.

So if you pooches out there are fed up with eating trash, talk to your folks and show them this story! What's good for me is good for you, too.