The Birth of Penny (here is my baby picture)    Apr 9, '07 5:50 PM

My story begins during WW2 when my father was on leave from the army, in Detroit, Michigan. My mother took the train up from Rochester, New York to be with dad as he was soon to return to Europe and she wanted to spend time together. In their love I was conceived on a cruise ship on Lake Michigan, so I have water in my blood and boats in my heart. Thats why I'm unsinkable. I was their second child, a son had died at birth 3 years earlier. My mother never got over the death of her son. My dad was a very sensitive and artistic person and was shattered by what he saw during the war, and suffered shell shock, which nowadays is known as "post-traumatic stress syndrome".

When it came time to pick a name for me, my parents had differences of opinion. Dad wanted to call me Priscilla and mom wanted the name MarieAntoinette. I became MarieAntoinette. I had a nickname, Penny, and it stayed with me till my late teens. The name Penny came from how my parents met, they met at a roller skating rink and mom was short a penny and dad gave her the penny if she promised to skate a dance with him. Hence the name! In my inner self I am Penny and always have been and will always be. All other names collected over the years are just that, names, including several last names.


As a child I was taught to believe what was told to us, never doubt what the schools said or the government, salute the flag, and now my generation of people and their children and their grandchildren are taught to believe all the same lies american puts forth. That's why I have left America and so too all my children and my grandchildren, America is no longer free.

I feel so sad for the soldiers who die because of the what they believe to be the truth and also because they have no chose but to join the armed forces. They haven't jobs so they believe killing for freedom is the way.


IF I ONLY WERE A SHINY PENNY It's about the life of a girl born into a family where truth and feelings are hidden as one must always appear perfect to the people outside. Into her adult life she continues to hid he truth until one day those who once loved her find out that there is so must pent up emotions when they see her change and think she has gone mad when she starts to rant and rage, scream and shout, when all she wants is the truth to be known. This final act of coming out and telling the truth is a step she finds in the end she cannot take. Her last years are her inner struggle to except what has been dealt to her and she starts to live in a childlike parallel world, full of fantasy. The truth is in the stories and drawings, and this sets her free.In the deadpan style of academics,such occurrences are obviously detrimental to females. You don't say.

A Dignified Death

yes, my grandfather died of a heart attack, no fancy words, just that.
I don't ever remember him sick, or slowing down, he was always cheerful, busy in the garden, the day he died he was completing a new garage for his car,
grandfather was great, and he died in an easy way,
we were sitting down eating out lunch, a plate of spaghetti with meatballs, (ooh red meat)....
and grandmother and mom were in the garden, hanging out the laundry and tending to the grapes and flowers,
grandfather and I were talking and I heard a hiss type of sound and his face fell into the spaghetti dish, no twitching, no movement, just plop.
his glorious white silver hair showing.
I ran to the neighbors and asked for a bottle of alcohol
rubbed his back, no movement, went to the phone, cranked it and spoke to the operator, something is wrong with grandfather, send help.
no stay on the line, no be calm, no questions.
i then went to the garden and told grandmother and mom something was wrong with grandfather, and only then did I hear wailing.
What a great way to die, happy, content, eating and with your granddaughter.
No meds, no slowing slowing down, no hospitals, no doctors,
wow, what a great death,
a death with dignity, except for the sauce.
no autopsies, no police questions, just a death of the 1950s.
Grandfather was 63.

a death of the 2000s

pills for this and pills for that, one making the other part sicker, side effects of pills, doctor visits, lab test, pensions eaten up by medications, and guess what, you die a slow lingering death, without dignity, tubes, hospitals, autopsies, and no spaghetti

august 10

What a wonderful day this has been....all types of "things happened" but one very special event.

The grandson, Teemu, of the woman who lived in this house long ago, came by out of a whim. She has spread her beautiful branches high and strong and he was a most wonderful young man. He has seen things in his life few of us witness, and it is not for me to say here, but this humane is a very kind and giving person. I was so thrilled to met him and to pass on to him the small treasures I have kept for over a decade,waiting for the hand to put them in.

It is so strange to see how when you give out of love you are blessed nine times over. I witnessed this again today. will write more when I have time.

Oh and now I know who Panu was, the name carved on the rock, it was the family dog, Panu, a mixed breed dog. how sweet. Teemu's grandmama guessed by the drawing under it, and Teemu called his mom and there was the answer to the question I have been curious about for about 13 years.

Google couldn't answer that one!

august 10

and after all my shopping, this box was waiting at the post....gifts from the wild woman. it's so nice to be surprised with something so lovely and beautiful.

six bowls arrived,
only five survived,
a gifts from the brides.
they will now have the  place of pride,
and when I look a them
they will make me feel gay inside.


The Original Text I had here has been lost...so to try and replay, the words.  I was heading out to the dentist in Kuopio and was halfway to Leppavirta when I smelled smoke in the car.  Pulled to the side of the road, shut the engine, told Robie to call 911 after he removed himself from the truck.  I quickly gathered all the inside backpacks, purses, and car papers into a large Ikea bad, who knew when the truck would be engulfed in flames.  Glove compartment empty and all places, like ass tray where I keep my scissors and knifes.

So we wait for the fire department, no fire, and he started the car, no more smoke. He can smell the old smoke and told us to drive to Leppavirta with him following us in the fire truck.  Off we went  in the truck to the gas station, thinking, I wish they were driving this and I was safely in the fire truck. The guys from the fire department told them to check the truck, but they didn't find anything wrong.  I was too dismayed and upset  to go to Kuopio, so went home.  It smelled bad inside and I knew something was wrong, but couldn't find out what.  Hop up to June and you will see what we discovered, nearly to late.  We could have dies of noxious fumes and fire.  It paid off to grip and bug Robie to open the front dashboard, but did it have to take 4 months.


A man wrote a letter to a small hotel in a Midwest town he planned to visit on his vacation. He wrote: I would very much like to bring my dog with me. He is well-groomed and very well behaved. Would you be willing to permit me to keep him in my room with me at night? An immediate reply came from the hotel owner, who wrote: I've been operating this hotel for many years. In all that time, I've never had a dog steal towels, bedclothes, silverware or pictures off the walls. I've never had to evict a dog in the middle of the night for being drunk and disorderly. And I've never had a dog run out on a hotel bill. Yes, indeed, your dog is welcome at my hotel. And, if your dog will vouch for you, you're welcome to stay here, too.

Tempy is so sweet

                                               How Time Good Enough Was Created

                                                                      by Marie

                                                           Another Thought Pattern

Long ago in a World without Earth there was a land called "Good Enough a Lot" oh "Good Enough a Lot" was good enough and there was a lot of it too.  Nothing from the animal world lived there, only, just plant and mineral life forms.  It became so lush that there was barely a place for another flower to bloom.  And that's when "time" was born.  "time" ran up and down - back and forth.  "time" ran all the day and all the night, "time" never stood still.  Still "time" wanted something - if only once could I share this.  And just like that "once" was born.  up sprang "once" and ran to "time," I will be your friend said "once" to "time."  They became good friends and enjotÿed "Good enough a lot" and one day, should we say "once" upon a "time" they created two children, "tick" and "tock."

Now tick and tock were very different.  tick loved moist warm places and tock liked gentle breezes and openness.  So tick children lived in rainforests and tock children by the seas.  Once upon time, over and over again created so many ticks as time they had lot of and once was enough :), that many ticks were running and crawling about the woods, the ticks got fat on the blood of small runt ticks and one tick got so large he was like a gorged hot dog.  And that's how man was created.  After all, what's a man but gorged blood.

Now back to what children can read.

The ticks fell to the ground and were covered in earth.  The clay of the Earth filled with Blood and nearly as fast as you say - whip her snip her - "that is what men do to women in the middle east and africa."

But again back to child proof, A man was created, a swollen lump of clay which most women agree to.  Only sometimes they get a "prick and it runs out" and the prick shrinks (hee-hee).

Well by the sea the tocks learned to swim and one day as fast as you can say, "my Golly Miss Molly," a beautiful woman was created called a mermaid.  The woman swam the seas and sometimes came ashore a nd sat on the rocks.  Woman was beautiful and so many were they that some decided to return to teh sea and they stayed so long in the water they became fish and lost their woman upper bodies and their heads were slimmer and their ears became gills and they were colorful and happy and filled the "Good enough sea."

Now the man walked out of the woods but to this day you can't take the woods out of the man, anyway, anyway, he saw the mermaids on the rocks.  Now of what use is this creature, thought the man, and he walked up to one.  She smelled of sea breezes and sunshine and man was dizzy and he pumped himself up.  The mermaid smelled musk and moss on the man and opened her tail and invited man within her.  After that she was called "maid" to the man and took over caring for him.  But there was only one man and so many mermaids, so man began his quest for what he believes is his duty to impregnate as many mermaids and cover the Earth with his seed. /over/ So one man called time is our Father and one woman called Once is our mother - hence we have covered the Earth - where there was once forests and dales now time has turned them into concrete buildings and cities, roads, wasteland.

As time man covered the Earth so he called himself Prince Good Enough a lot and he gathered many maids around him.  These maids gathered food for him, wove clothes. fed him, nursed him, had many a child for him - they call their child/children "good enough" and as the "good enough" grew theyu continued to populate the planet and it became so heavy it fell to a planet near the sun and became a slow decay to doom.  Still there is hope, many a maid is avoiding time - and many times are staying on time - and if they continue there may come a time when there could be a change - but once again, only time will tell.

Wait: next generation Good and last chapter Enough - all this story read to some music by "Prince"

Once upon a time Mother af all stories

- the end

June 8 2013
Went to the man's birth town for his school reunion get together. It was a long day. 400 miles of driving, 4 hours of sitting in the car waiting for him, I parked the car by the riverside, watched a steady stream of boats, yachts and small ships coming and going,  walked the dog , read, took a nap and went once to the outside of the town to pee and buy the dog some food.  about 8 hours of driving too.

June 9 2913
My little bottom hurts, I sat too too much yesterday and I think I can't spend another minute on this site today.  need only to go to town and get some medicine.  Than home again and will rest in bed all day.  Exhausted as too is my partner..

Some Americans claim to be "free" while claiming Europeans are "not free". What example is there of an American visiting somewhere in Europe and experiencing something as "not free", and why would this be unacceptable in the USA?

As an European, when I worked in the US for a while, I have never felt less free.

In the US you could not do much anything without running into some restrictions.

Simply walking along a highway the police would stop you and question you.

Can't walk into forests or fields or such without having to worry about being a trespasser.

Can't hitch-hike.
Can't take a bottle of wine and enjoy it in a park.

Can't just go around and see places freely because of criminals and such making it too dangerous.

For me, returning home felt like being released from prison - and I still don't think US is anywhere as free a country a Europe is.

Here, we're free to roam and don't have to fear the police etc. and we can trust the society to support us even if we slip sometimes.

I can send my small kids to town center alone without having to worry and I'm free to plan my life like I want to without having to worry about saving a heap of money to get my kids educated because it's all free.

I make about a third more money than my American colleagues yet I have almost a third of the year of vacation and mostly under 30 hour work weeks.

So I really didn't see much freedom in the US and I don't understand how anyone could perceive it being more free than the EU.

The last little poop pops out

I've been married for forty-four years, and over these many years I have learned a lot from my husbands. Yes, I said husbands, I have three. Well in truth I have had three, only one left as the other two have died still loving me till death took them over and turned them into ashes. My husband of late (bad choice of words) and I have been married 36 years and to this day I am always finding out interesting and often bizarre things about him and what he has done in his life.

Only yesterday for example, while looking into his old box of childhood memories I opened a small drawing book and found some, lets say discreet way of being naughty in the 1940's. He has several pages of "kacka", Swedish for shit, drawn. One says, "kacka in the sand," another says, "a kacka with a headache in it's tummy." Another one says, "long kacka." Now his obsession with "kacka" was probably instilled by having a dunny for his daily relief, although from a very middle class family, out in the outskirts of the city, the plumbing did not reach. Looking down into the hole and being an engineer in the making, observing his "kacka" after having it was grunted out and down, there could have been many a pretty pattern, as well as having it mingled with his two brothers' shit as well as his mom's and dad's. Also, they had a factory and the workers would have used it, so plops would have been interesting, varied and of many great smells.

Now I on the other hand had never seen an outside dunny, but there again we are born on different sides of the Atlantic. When I finally came to Finland, way back in 1967, I saw my first dunny and it was frightening. So far to fall into and all wood seats and toilet paper like wax paper. Once after I had peed and I looked down in the hole, a large reddish green frog was sitting on the heap and jumped up, I being dreadfully scared of frogs, screamed and my poor husband thought I had fallen in and was trapped, came running and laughed his head off when he found me standing on the seat.

I was to never to live it down.

Well this story has all come about as yesterday when I pooped, I was washing my derriere with the douche hose next to the toilet, a little water went inside and out popped a little poop. So the last little poop popped out.

Written by a silly second childhood woman who is finally loosening up, almost to the point of diarrhea.

What happened to my socks? They were all tied up in knots.

I went to check the bag sheet in the drier, and it was open and fluffy, but needed more drying. I restarted the dryer. When I took the clothes out of the dryer, the bag sheet had tied itself up in a knot so firm that it took me two whole minutes to undo it. And inside the knot, next to its mouth, it had a sock that it had desperately tried to eat, although I had snapped its mouth shut before I put it in.