I put my parents here, just because so many ask about them. I don't like them but I love them for giving me this life that I have lead.

For me, family is where there is truth, love, understanding, and exceptance of how you believe or how one leads their own personal life.

This is the kind of family I have, I just found out that my mother is dead and has died in 2015 at 93 years old. I have two sisters in America, but both didn't have the decency to tell me. Today is October 8 2019. I feel no grief or anger, just thankful I don't live in America with so many greedy and corrupt people and a government where freedom and fairness are lost.

La Famiglia

This is my father,
James Melvin Elwell
and his Mother,
my grandmother, Bernice.

This is my mother,
born Anne Marie Rivituso
February 27, 1922


This is my mother and me
at my Grandparents home in Rochester, New York.
My grandfather made the extensions on the peddles
as my legs were tot short to reach the peddles
that came with my tricycle.

This is my mother and father with my Godmother and cousin.
My Godmother is my mother's sister Rosemary Rivituso,
married to Blase Nicosia
and my cousin is also called Blase after his father.

Don't be to anxious to give your children what you didn't have, as you might neglect to give them what you did have.

Here I am
with my Mother
Cousin Blase S. Nicosia

nonno and nonna

This is my Grandfather,
Anthony Rivituso
and my
Grandmother Margaret Allenza


Here I am watching the Pasadena Rose Parade in 1957
from my Uncle Bernie's  gas station
sitting on the  truck with my
Cousin Elaine Rivituso.
I'm the one in the bathing suit,
on the left side.
I'm just 1 month shy of 12 years old.