Spring Buds covered in Snow

TWO DAYS BEFORE SPRING AND suddenly we are in a mist of snow flurries, I just saw our cherub shoveling snow from her front walk, and poor santa must get up early to shovel so our helpful neighbor won't bother with our yard. Our neighbor thinks Santa is always busy, but that's not the case. He has lots of free time in Spring and reads many thank you letters from children who have written him. He is an old goat who loves e-mails. Here in Finnish lapland the name for santa is "joulupukki", or translated into english, "december goat". Sounds like something to eat, but who would want to eat a tough old billy goat? Drop Santa or me or one of our great family a letter and we will write back. Even send drawings and pictures and I will put them in this site.

Frogs awaiting Spring

Spring came and still the fairies have their slippers on, it has snowed again and although the sun peeks out for a few minutes, it is cold outside and the hills are slippery. I was going up to the tool shed to see Santa this morning and I had to grab onto his golden jacket just as I got to him as I started to slid downhill, it would have looked funny as I was still in my morning rob and slippers. I wanted Santa to come in and have cocoa with me, and of course he did, he loves hot cocoa with plump marshmallows floating on top. here in the North Pole we have to start taking the rust off the tools that were left in the shed all winter, and get the garden pots ready for all the herbs and flowers we plant. We have a short summer but because we have nearly 24 hours of light each day, things grow very fast, I planted some barley for Easter about 6 days ago and it's now 7 cm tall or (3 inches) if you are in America.

The mummy of duck falls

Small glaciers in our Molt

Fall has brought on a sudden snow storm

just before a huge storm blew in

shit happens

old age

oh no, fall is coming

liver spots

Flowers by the studio

one of several hundred barrows of mud we dug out