two very crazy people madly in love

Marie, In place of a picture, I'll give you a poem - while writing a lecture, my thoughts only roam to you, my true darling, my girlfriend of late; my luck must be turning - at last, we've a date! A poem every five years is not much, of course to make up for your tears and that hard work of yours. But I love you truly, you're perfect for me. Our life, though unruly, is the best there could be. Robie

art by toni

1972 at the summer house

living in finland

living in versailles france

art by heidi


I have a friend, he is a like loch nest monster, he is there but no one sees him, he has swam under locks and sea for many years and has seen great wonders deep under the sea, mountainous canyons and florescent sea creatures, icebergs from the undersides and their brilliant colors, he has been sitting silently outside our kingdom, and shedding his protective huge metal skin for a tight rubber skin, and swam silently into a long tunnel to emerge inside the great castle of red bricks to take out again through the tunnel someone who was to be hidden away and disappear forever from the view of his countrymen. My friend is brave and strong, fearless and yet kind and gentle, and weeps quietly for those killed in battles in needless wars created by greedy countrymen who made some kings believe they must attack the poor and helpless people of a weak nation because they wanted to steal from them there precious natural resources that the rich kingdom was running out of. In the great nation where my friend the Seadog hails from there is a great black stone monument where people come to remember loved ones who died In this great war, and where my friend goes under the cover of darkness to grieve. Who are the real dead, those we cannot see, or those who see the pain and live not. I miss my friend, but memories are still bright like a highly polished table.