OCTOBER  26 2013
people are so fucking dumb...last night I heard banging and banging, coming from pasi's house, his music blaring, I thought he was hammering. went back to what I was doing. dad is out walking tempy, the banging persist, now it sounded like a drunk banging at the door. I went out to the street, saw dad and tempy and walked over to Pasi's. Ilpo was just coming home from the night shift. and there was pasi, only in his underwear, locked out of his house, his friends dead drunk inside and sleeping and pasi banging away. I brought him my bathrobe and finally persuaded him to come inside and get warm. I mean there is  snow on the ground and I gave him a pair of dad's socks and a warm cup of blueberry juice, which he didn't drink.  I asked him to call his parents or girlfriend and finally he did. his folks live a kilometer away and an hour later hadn't showed up. pasi went outside, couldn't keep him, he wanted to go, and he continued banging the door. honestly, some people. and he is engaged and will marry in November. can't the girl see he is a drunk, or does she only see a man who has a home, a good job. That house has the soul of a drunkard...remember the previous man, won't even dirty my site with his name. dumb drunks.