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You can't forget your age but can still live your life.

As a child I was  taught to believe what was told to us, never doubt what the schools said or the government, salute the flag, and now my generation of people and their children  and their grandchildren are taught to believe all the same lies american puts forward. That's why I have left america and so too all my children and my grandchildren, america is no longer free.
I feel so sad for the soliders who die because of the what they believe to be the truth and also because they have no chose but to join the armed forces. They haven't jobe so they believe killing for freedom is the way.
I just want to share some of my life with anyone who has the time to visit with me, I suppose I just need to express how I feel and see life with other people about this great planet of ours. I feel so isolated out here in the middle of Finland with people I really have nothing in common with, it is only by odd happenings long ago I have come to live here and will die here when it is the moment to do so arrives.

always tell the truth ad see what happens....hee hee

always tell the truth, and people will stay away..........yep

always tell the truth and your own family will hate you.....oopps

always tell the truth but somehow it changes everyday.....it does

always tell the truth, but why speak anyway...........................seriously

truth, what is truth, our perception of it, but what we perceive, is it truth, or something that has been fed to us by church, school, parents and relatives, books,  media, discussions with other people?

people we never heard of, do they speak the truth, if we are not there to hear them, is truth there at all?????????????

what does it matter to tell the truth...........who listens anyway and who will be changed by the truth.....people are people of sorts, but of no value to anyone but themselves.............or so they think they are of value

truth is what pleases I have heard say. But what pleases one brings chills and ills to others....................so truth can be seen in ways other than truth, as emotions...

the truth is little I know of, I live by words that flow out as I see fit to speak, so my speech  is one to lead others into what they want to hear......

I think I shall try speaking the truth for a day or two, so................

hee hee......yep........oopps..it does....seriously............

now is the truth

hear is one truth

Grandpa Rivituso said, "always tell the truth, but don't tell everything"


   * I will do what I want to do, when I want to do it and not worry what others think.

    * I will listen only to the opinions of people whom I value and love.

    * I will take time to live, maybe working longer hours for myself, but ultimately fewer days in the week, leaving more time for pleasure that relieves stress.

    * I will leave behind people and experiences that have a negative impact on my life, taking with me only the positive.

    * If people hurt me, it will  be because I have allowed them to do so and I will no longer apportion blame to anyone but myself. I am in control now.

    * If life is overtaking me, I will sit and look at the sea, take a breath, remember this journey around the world — and give myself a damn good talking to!

I will do whatever I wish to do, and when I want to do it, and care not what anyone thinks about me or what I am doing. Health permitting.

I will ignore and feel no pain at family  members who disagree with my way of living.

Yesterday I had a moment, I was on the computer and my daughter was teaching my son to make bread in a new way. I heard my son say, "when we were young bread was what it said it was, rye bread was made with rye flour and it was rye bread and wheat bread was wheat bread, now rye bread has all types of flours in it. I got the drift of what he said, but I don't care about the bread, it was that he said, "When we were young", and I had this feeling of being dead and life was going on as life before but they were now the older generation, and suddenly my babies were middle aged people and I saw them for the first time as adults. An odd moment.

She reached for her glasses, her dog jumped down and wagged his tail.

Dust swirl in the sunlight

She yawned, sat up and put her robe over her head, as she stood up it slid down over her warm  body.
She moved towards the big room. She opened the shade and walked to the back door, Tummeli come, lets go pee-pee, Tummeli looked out and than at her, oh he said, it ıs so cold, must I?  Bye-bye Tummeli, go pee-pee.

She looked down and saw the light on the washing machine, whops, I forgot to put these in the dryer last night, she takes the load out, lifts them into the dryer and sees that a dark load is waiting to be washed, so she puts them in, measures the soap and starts the machine.

By now her feet are cold from the tiles and she rushes to the bathroom to empty her full bladder from the night, the warmth feels nice and she listens to the waterfall of morning urine, its so great to be alive.

She washes her hands and brushes her teeth, listening to the toilet flush, the washer running and the dryer turning.  Just a few minutes ago all was silent.

Now she runs water into her kettle,  and put the water to boil for her morning coffee.

She takes a bag of dog food out, rips it open and pours it into the bowl, clank-clank.

She goes into the big room and turns the T.V. on and awaits the news, but now  there  is a program about the Kantela.  She listens and sits, finally she hears the water boiling, the washing machine dumping, the dryer turning and turning, she has raped this  glorious cold snowy bright morning with the power of electricity and there will be no silence until she sleeps again.

But alas, there is more to add to this tale, she has to turn her computer on to write this, and now all those sounds are still vibrating through the air, yet to top this rape of silence, the keys are banging, the machine turning inside, the printer about to print this, the power pack humming its tune.

An through this all,  the television is singing a beautiful Renaissance melody.

Tomorrow I will have a day of silence, today I will violate the silence, and continue this, my  invasion on my home. I must vacuum, and clean this day.  I speak as I write these words, Oh dear, is this not sickness to be so in tuned on to what is about me?

Happy Birthday dear Mother, where ever you might be. You are 79 Years old this day. I haven't seen you since you were 39. I wonder what you are like.

My computer beeps 11 times and tells me it is 11 oıclock.
The eleventh hour
These words are dedicated to you Mother.
    Sorsakosk, Finland

Silence and Song are the Gifts from the Gods.  Noise is the invention of Man.

written in 2001

list of my favorite things


birch bark

bumble bees



pacific ocean

Scottish heather

sea grass

snow storm


sunsets inTasmania


water lilies

wild clover

How Time Good Enough Was Created

Another Thought Pattern

Long ago in a World without Earth there was a land called "Good Enough a Lot" oh "Good Enough a Lot" was good enough and there was a lot of it too.  Nothing from the animal world lived there, only, just plant and mineral life forms.  It became so lush that there was barely a place for another flower to bloom.  And that's when "time" was born.  "time" ran up and down - back and forth.  "time" ran all the day and all the night, "time" never stood still.  Still "time" wanted something - if only once could I share this.  And just like that "once" was born.  up sprang "once" and ran to "time," I will be your friend said "once" to "time."  They became good friends and enjotÿed "Good enough a lot" and one day, should we say "once" upon a "time" they created two children, "tick" and "tock."

Now tick and tock were very different.  tick loved moist warm places and tock liked gentle breezes and openness.  So tick children lived in rainforests and tock children by the seas.  Once upon time, over and over again created so many ticks as time they had lot of and once was enough :), that many ticks were running and crawling about the woods, the ticks got fat on the blood of small runt ticks and one tick got so large he was like a gorged hot dog.  And that's how man was created.  After all, what's a man but gorged blood.

Now back to what children can read.

The ticks fell to the ground and were covered in earth.  The clay of the Earth filled with Blood and nearly as fast as you say - whip her snip her - "that is what men do to women in the middle east and africa."

But again back to child proof, A man was created, a swollen lump of clay which most women agree to.  Only sometimes they get a "prick and it runs out" and the prick shrinks (hee-hee).

Well by the sea the tocks learned to swim and one day as fast as you can say, "my Golly Miss Molly," a beautiful woman was created called a mermaid.  The woman swam the seas and sometimes came ashore a nd sat on the rocks.  Woman was beautiful and so many were they that some decided to return to teh sea and they stayed so long in the water they became fish and lost their woman upper bodies and their heads were slimmer and their ears became gills and they were colorful and happy and filled the "Good enough sea."

Now the man walked out of the woods but to this day you can't take the woods out of the man, anyway, anyway, he saw the mermaids on the rocks.  Now of what use is this creature, thought the man, and he walked up to one.  She smelled of sea breezes and sunshine and man was dizzy and he pumped himself up.  The mermaid smelled musk and moss on the man and opened her tail and invited man within her.  After that she was called "maid" to the man and took over caring for him.  But there was only one man and so many mermaids, so man began his quest for what he believes is his duty to impregnate as many mermaids and cover the Earth with his seed. /over/ So one man called time is our Father and one woman called Once is our mother - hence we have covered the Earth - where there was once forests and dales now time has turned them into concrete buildings and cities, roads, wasteland.

As time man covered the Earth so he called himself Prince Good Enough a lot and he gathered many maids around him.  These maids gathered food for him, wove clothes. fed him, nursed him, had many a child for him - they call their child/children "good enough" and as the "good enough" grew theyu continued to populate the planet and it became so heavy it fell to a planet near the sun and became a slow decay to doom.  Still there is hope, many a maid is avoiding time - and many times are staying on time - and if they continue there may come a time when there could be a change - but once again, only time will tell.

Wait: next generation Good and last chapter Enough - all this story read to some music by "Prince"

Once upon a time Mother af all stories

- the end

Once upon a time
A long time I remember
When is there time enough
What time must I be there
live for - what time is it
arrive, as time is what we
Now we wander and never
quietr, love, wanderings
Once upon a time there was